THEMIFY - Widget & icon themes - APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

hello everyone in this tutorial we're gonna go through teamify widget and icon themes one of the top apps as you can see it's growing in the in the top charts and the point of this app is that you can really customize your iphone icons wallpapers live wallpaper still wallpapers widgets everything and if you are bored with default iphone themes you can just do something so amazing like this like you can add all the stylus widgets uh wallpapers and there are almost entire million users there are a lot of like free wallpapers but of course like free templates but of course you also need to upgrade if you plan to use this app a lot so here is the app let's just up and now it's it's finally loading it just takes some time especially if you're on the older phone uh and then uh yeah uh so here you can see like three tabs you can discover popular themes uh there is also like all these themes from ads i don't know why and then there are like your favorites wallpapers icons and elements so you can i don't know tap try on it and then uh you can set up all the icons and i don't know why it's actually not loading uh so there seems to be like quite some bugs in here with this app so i'm just trying to open it again yeah maybe it's just because of charts and there are like so many users so anyhow the whole idea yes final is that you can discover all these themes you can see all the previews this is how it looks like it's really something much more interesting that default iphone settings you can also see all the hot live wallpapers but to get for example this you need to upgrade you need to upgrade to the premium version and yeah there is no other way to do it so that's just how it is only on the wallpapers where they have this uh crown icon in the top right so anyhow this is like a popular theme some neon scene which you can take a look at sorry guys i don't know like why it just keeps loading a bit here and the whole idea is that you can first install icons so you just have all selections of icons and this app identifies which apps do you have and then automatically suggests items for you so for example like this so you i like this and then i can just save it so wallpaper i just tap saved wallpaper which will be saved to my photos camera roll and then i just select all these egg icons and then select them and just install selected icons and on different apps it just depends how this process will look like some uh some apps still use shortcuts app via iphone and then you just click on that and it will be double click to open the app but here uh you will just download the configuration profile from teamify app which will be installed on your phone and then you will go to settings profile download it and there you have it uh your profile should be downloaded and that should simplify a lot like the heart of installation and then if there are widgets so you can see all of that and then if there are widgets you can also say just tap save them and then they they will be saved uh your uh yeah paper yeah no to your camera and then okay so then you just need to learn tap the plus icon in the upper left finally choose steamify swipe to set the widget size and tap add widget so that's basically it so let's just try it out so tap and hold and then here what i can do i just can tap plus and then i'm just searching here then i have different sizes of widgets which i can uh use so for example i can just tap add widget and this is the widget i just saved from from the app and then i can tap edit and then i just have configuration from that widget one so that's basically how it works and that's how you add the video so as you can see yeah it's it takes some manual work so tap wallpaper save your wallpaper it will be saved to your camera roll that save widget install widget like that and select all icons and use that configuration profile paired up icons paired up means that basically for the apps you have unpaired means that you have some apps might be some less known less used apps for which this app doesn't have any icons so so then you can just go unpaired and then you can just manually and go through it and install but yeah it just depends if you really want to try it out of course you can have your own custom icons designed and developed like apps like you know yeah some of these apps if they are less used maybe you can just move them to some like sword of force home screen where you rarely go or you can just move them to some lighter screen and don't open it that much and that that can be yeah what you can try to do here so that's that again there is huge catalog i created my account with uh with apple id so that's pretty nice i can also delete my account it's also suggested to clear cash once in a while because in this kind of apps you can accumulate a lot of storage and it can can really fill out your storage on iphone so that's the app basically try it out it's just it's really easy to use it is a bit glitchy i would say i don't know why uh maybe i have iphone 7 my internet wi-fi is pretty fast uh i don't know why it's a bit glitchy maybe it's again it's because it's in the top charts and there are like uh yeah so many users right now on it and you can just go through some specific individual widgets or specific wallpapers and you don't need to install the whole theme but of course it's nice when you can just create like full green iphone or full like pink or whatever you like uh just gaming iphone and it can really refresh like your everyday phone because mobile phone iphone is a device which probably interact every day like almost like every hour uh all your attention is there so of course you want something which looks a bit specific and which reflects your personality individuality so yeah something around it hope that is helpful

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