thinkorswim: Trade. Invest - how to install on iPhone?

here is interesting app called sync or Swim trade in West one of the top trading apps out there in US um yeah it's constantly in the top charts in finance um so yeah here you can just explore it and add this app to your portfolio of apps like you know some people like Robin Hood's other people like uh Schwab or other apps just also give a try to this one it has almost 300 000 ratings pretty high average rating 4.7 uh don't miss a minute of the market uh put the minute of sync or Swim right into your put the power of this app right in your pocket just try the app so let's just open it up let's see what the process is so here uh you can see the app you can if you want live trading you can log in or you can just open an account so since this app is just from Ameritrade um so yeah here you can just find the account need to say this app is not like uh Robin Hood it's much more complicated so yeah you it's uh maybe maybe even it's more like trustworthy and stuff like that but you need to know what you're doing here it's not like for you know like uh swapping like 50 bucks here and there so uh yeah like if you want to open an individual account then you can just go here and enter your first last name grocery here enter all of this information and then uh this do this application you can also download it and uh yeah continue with that you can also just log in if you already have user ID and password again if you want to open an account uh uh you can just see some additional categories here in retirement so it's it's pretty Advanced and then you can always reach out here in the support there is support number in the bottom and uh yeah so that's basically the process just to how you can get started

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