This poll cannot be revealed in Gas app - what does it mean?

so sometimes if you go to the gas app you can see this notification this ball cannot be revealed the sender used god mode to send it anonymously so especially if you have this ghost icon in the top right so yeah what does it mean so yeah exactly that's that's what it means that even if you have god mode you still can't reveal who sent that uh who entered that poll because the person who did that um also has a god mod and that person used Anonymous mode I will just show you in the app how it might look like so here is the gas app and I have god mode here I can just go to about section or sorry to my profile go to edit profile go to manage account and then here I have Anonymous mode so if I enable this Anonymous mode and I answer some polls other people never will be able to see that I answered the poll even if other people also you got got mode and they pay for it they pay like 6.99 dollars per week they still can't reveal that I answered the poll so there is this trick if you want to be like 100 Anonymous and make sure that nobody really can reveal um then you just enable this Anonymous mode so yeah something like that hope this is helpful

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