Threads app - how to follow same accounts as you follow on Instagram?

So how do you follow the same accounts on the Threads app as you do on Instagram? Well, when you're setting up your account on the Threads app, it's important to note that there are some convenient options to easily import your profile from Instagram.

Once you tap to login with Instagram, you'll have the opportunity to import all your bio links. Then, on the following screen, you can view a list of all the people you're currently following on Instagram. A simple tap is all it takes to follow them on the Threads app as well. It couldn't be any easier!

Following friends from the Threads app itself can be a bit more complicated, so it's highly recommended to take advantage of the streamlined process when creating your account. By doing so, you'll automatically be suggested to follow all your Instagram friends, eliminating any potential hassle.

In summary, using the Threads app to follow the same accounts as you do on Instagram is a breeze. Just remember to import your profile during the setup process and you'll be presented with the option to follow all your Instagram friends. It's a simple but effective feature that ensures you stay connected with the accounts that matter most to you.

  • Import your Instagram profile during setup
  • Tap to login with Instagram and easily import all bio links
  • Follow accounts on Threads app with just a simple tap

Make the most out of the Threads app and effortlessly follow the same accounts you enjoy on Instagram. Stay connected and never miss an update from your favorite content creators, friends, and influencers.

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