Threads app won’t work in Europe - here is what you will see…

Threads app won't work in Europe - here is what you will see…

Recently, it has been discovered that the popular communication app, Threads, is not fully functional in Europe. This means that if you are in Europe, even if you have created your Threads account in the United States, the app will not work as expected. While it is uncertain whether this restriction applies to the entire European Union or only the European Economic Zone, it has been confirmed that countries like Portugal and Denmark are affected, while Ukraine remains unaffected.

So, what exactly will you see if you try to use Threads in Europe? Although you will still be able to browse the main feed, you won't be able to open threads or view replies. Instead, an error message will appear stating, "Sorry, something went wrong." However, you can still follow other users and visit their profiles. Although you can't post anything, you can tap on the plus icon to follow people and interact with their content.

If you try to post something while in Europe, you will encounter a message stating, "Post file to upload." It is unclear if you will be able to search within the app, but you will still be able to view profiles and activity. However, activity related to your own account, such as replies, mentions, and verified actions, will not load properly. Once again, the app will display the message, "Sorry, something went wrong."

On your own profile, you will see that the content is not available. However, you can still make changes to your profile by selecting the "Edit Profile" option. In case you decide not to wait for the issue to be resolved, you can easily delete your profile by accessing the settings menu.

The underlying reason behind this limitation is likely related to European regulations or negotiations between Facebook, the company behind Threads, and European authorities. Until the necessary updates are made or agreements are reached, users in Europe should anticipate these restrictions. It is advised to stay informed and be aware of these limitations if you plan on using Threads while in Europe.

In conclusion, if you are located in Europe and you rely on the Threads app for communication or social interaction, you will encounter certain limitations. It is unfortunate that the app is not fully functional in Europe, but it is important to keep in mind that these restrictions are imposed due to regulatory or agreement-related reasons. Stay informed and make sure to adjust your communication needs accordingly while in Europe.

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