Three - group video chat - how to create account?

let's do a quick walkthrough through this app three group video chat so i can just tap guides to install it and then yeah i can just use touch id to to clear to install this app uh this is three what is three three is where people hang out in groups lets you discard groups of people who share your passions ideas or weird tastes of memes and provides live spaces for people to chat in video or voice even better everything is happening in real time so you can join any group video chat as an audience or speaker create a multiroom where you're joined by other speakers to discuss anything raise your hand to speak voices is an option if you don't feel like facetiming follow interesting people you meet in group chats uh so yeah pretty cool idea there are only 61 ratings so far and let's just create an account so you can create an account here with phone number with apple id google or facebook so let's just do it with apple so here i will just continue and create my account with apple id and yup so uh my first name should be so that's first name and then you can just select your birthday uh and that's and then you also need to upload an avatar so then i can just use this photo um you can allow to send notifications you can give access to contacts and then you can just follow someone um so that's basically the idea how you create an account and then you can just discover all these different group chats which you can just join uh you can see some pin rooms and then you can start your room

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