so here is tick peak app uh this app is uh has an interesting model because it says it's the only app it doesn't have any fees um so if i just search for no fee tickets one tickets to gamer show but today doesn't matter we've got you covered introducing uh yeah the best deals on your event and also uh uh one of this is like the app which doesn't have service fees so prices should be like 10 cheaper but of course it's more like a catch um so yeah that's basically the idea and yeah so this is how the app looks like um you can just create an account i already did a video about that then you can just see your local events you can see top events here so for example if you want to go to nba conference semi-finals you can just go and buy tickets here um you can see estimate picture where you will be located so here you can be more closer so something around it uh yeah so that's the idea you can buy tickets to justin bieber or to and just so yeah the app looks pretty fun to use here there's not any overview and you can see event tracked you can see the minimum price you can see number of tickets average price you can see 500 you can see your tickets pass orders you can easily create your account you can add your spotify maybe it will sync piece and recommend you artists you can buy and then there is credit tickets tracking yeah so that's basically the idea hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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How to use Clipboard History of iPhone | iPhone #Short
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