TickPick app - how to create an account?

here's interesting app uh it's called tick peak no fee tickets so let's just install this app and you can use a touch id of icd to install it um same seats better prices why you stick t tick peak no service fees guaranteed best prices uh we back all tickets hundred percent upfront pricing five great for everyone so this is a great app for buying sports and concert tickets tick peak is the most simple and affordable app to purchase tickets to all your favorite live events including sports concerts and theater we have the same seats as our largest competitor so the prices should be 10 cheaper so that's the main hook of the app that yeah like because there are no service fees probably they just have another monetization model and then you can create your account here with like apple or facebook and there you have it you can share your location or you can skip you can add notification so that's basically it and then you can just see trending artists you can see top events so you can see what people are going to you can see some ticket prices uh so yeah that's basically how you create an account how you get started how you have all these tickets and that's basically

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