Tier app - Move better - how to use? Full overview

The TIER app - Move better - How to use? Full overview

Here's the TIER app. It's a quite popular app for renting out electric scooters or bicycles. This app is getting traction in Europe. I don't know if it's available in the US or some other countries, but it should be available, for example, in Germany, Denmark, and some other countries.

And I'm noticing recently, for example, in Denmark, Copenhagen, there are more and more electric bikes, TIER bikes. Usually, it was only Lime, and then there was Bolt, and now there are more and more TIER bicycles. Of course, there were a lot of scooters before, but right now, that's how it looks like.

Here you just see the first screen is just like a map, and then you can select some bicycles. You can reserve for free if you don't want someone to rent it out before you. You can also ring, so that's a very helpful feature I found out. Sometimes the location of the bike is not that precise, then you can just tap ring and then it will start ringing, and then you will find it easily.

And then the pricing, here is the pricing. This is in Danish Krona, so like 7 Danish Krona is roughly like 1 US dollar, so you can just calculate. I think it's mostly the same pricing as in Bolt or Lime. I found out that Lime though is a bit more expensive here in Europe, but what I would suggest, definitely if you're planning to use this app and bicycles more often, then just get some of those passes.

So here you can get like summer special unlimited unlocks plus 10% of all rides. You can get it for like roughly what's like $30. This is just like their promotion, and then it's valid for 120 days, so it's like four months, and then you have unlimited unlocks plus 10% of all rides. Then there is like a monthly pass just for 60 Danish Krona, so like $10, and then you have unlimited unlocks and then something else. I don't know what is unlimited unlock is here, what that means because, you know, in Lime for example, if you buy a subscription, you just don't pay for unlock fee. Is that the same? I have no idea and here you just have that, and then you have also 50% of 50 rides, so then you can just share and save the code. Get a discount for friends who sign up to TIER using your referral code, they get a discount too. So here's my code, feel free to use it.

So yeah, simply download the app and you can get, let's suppose get 50% of our next five rides with TIER within 90 days. Simply download the app using the link below, so you can try that. It's actually quite a cool offer. Yeah, once your friend takes the first ride, you'll be credited this discount in your wallet.

Registered payment method is required to invite a friend, and then yeah, also you have vouchers, also you have wallet, you have promos, you have say there's a TIER pass, and then yeah so that's the idea, and then also you can filter out if you want to see scooters and e-bikes and there are some help center. You can reach out here especially for example if you can't park the bike or something like that.

Sometimes you know, like I didn't, I used TIER a long time ago to be honest and mostly scooters, so mostly I'm using Lime and Bolt. So like, the one, like I like Lime bikes better to be honest but Bolt has one major advantage is that you can almost park it anywhere and in these European cities, you know if like with Lime you can only park it in a specific location and you know in some European cities it's just they have like in Copenhagen it's beautiful biking infrastructure but if you just bike into some place and then you can't bike it there and you don't know where to bike then you need to bike for another 10 minutes to figure out where's the parking, and then you can't lock your bicycle so it happened for me like few times is Lime and that's not a good experience like with Bolt you just leave your bike of course you can't park it somewhere in the garden whatever but if it's in the city you just leave it there and it just works and then you can leave it so that's quite convenient of course if you're you know every day going on a bike to work you will know your parking spots and then Lime is great but if you travel into some new place like I guess we steer or something just make sure you know where to park it so then you don't need to spend like 20 minutes additional riding and parking like 500 meters from the location where you want to get so that's just one issue I have found with electrical bikes but overall they're just getting better and better so give it a try.

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