TiKi Short Video App - TikTok alternative?

here is a preview of tiki app short video app uh which is one of the alternatives to tick tock i think it's quite popular in india and also yeah in asian countries a lot of people are looking for some alternatives to tick tock and you can see this app is number eight in social networking just uh jumped into the charts so let's just open the app so here you will see some content which is yeah similar to tick tock the design is quite the same everything's the same so you just have this vertical videos you just watch them like them comment share and all of that here you have all also all these categories um [Music] brian makeup yoga challenge uh father's law family music day and all of that then you have inbox you have your followers people who follow your comments likes then you have your profile that can be you just create your profile with google or facebook or apple id and then you can change your avatar you can add the username to you know add a profile picture and stuff like that then you have uh settings and then there is your wallet because this app is also focused a lot on creators uh so yeah here you can get some stars stars are valid forever you can storm action for task stars after then you may need to consume some task stars first before getting any new task stars there is no limit on the number of paid stars so here you can get them yeah if you continue to log in if you share videos if you invite friends you can get all of these stars you can also purchase them and probably then you can gift creators or something like that and creators can earn some revenue creator verification you can do the process here so let people know you better create our service training creator challenges traffic exposure community guidelines you have here so you can check them out language so yeah some feedback and there are some additional settings account so you can delete your account from here that's cool and then here's your like tiki qr code which you can generate and people are able to follow you as well yep so that's the app um kind of like alternative to tick-tock you can see this here uh yes there is a lot of indian content probably this app already went viral on tick tock hence it's in top charts in the social networking category so yeah that's the idea um so hope uh you like uh the the preview of this app so give it a try check it out you know maybe you can find some niche community here and it can be quite nice for you to to use it it's free app because maybe you're a bit annoyed or tired of tick tock so if you're looking for tick-tock alternatives this can be the one

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