TikTok feature - creators ARE NOTIFIED when you ADD VIDEO TO FAVORITES

so basically this is a new tick tock feature and what it means that Tick Tock like creators will now be notified when you add their videos to favorites your support means a lot of creators so basically if I created a video you watched my video on Tick Tock and you added it to favorites I as a Creator will get a notification of it and and as a viewer you can't switch that off so basically a lot of people use tick tock likes to Signal their enjoyment of video publicly to his creator and others but they use Fiverr is feature to bookmark videos privately for themselves now Tick Tock is not defined creators every time you add their video to your favorites and not everyone wants to share that says something the same reasons they hide what they like should be an opt-in feature uh so yeah it's it's erodes a bit of privacy and I was also I've seen this feature and I can just show you in my activity feed and what it looks like wait so you just go to inbox tab and then here is activity um I just tap on activities and then uh you can just tap you all there is like some setting that people actually saved uh your video to favorite so here I've seen that somewhere anyhow okay maybe I just need to tap on specific video okay so here's they probably just changed it recently um so here as you can see these users like like liked but sometimes there is a line like these people edit your video to favorites and you can see exactly which video was added and all of that but probably they changed it I anyways this should be in this inbox tab or maybe inbox you can I can change activity status I can change activities um maybe it's already removed because this is pretty con controversial feature comments anyhow so look here and hope that is helpful

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