TikTok GIFTS in Monetization - FULL OVERVIEW & eligibility requirements

hey everyone so here is uh creator tools in tiktok so if i just go to burger menu in the top right just type in top right and i tap on creator tools and then i have something like gifts so this is monetizations viewers can send gifts on your eligible videos when feature is turned on so what what exactly it means i actually don't know select region if you leave outside um uh so here is some of privacy policy uh i don't need that i just want to so i can just enable that um gifs are fun way for yours to react to their favorite views while providing a new way for creators to get funded for their content uh uh eligible accounts and videos must be in good standing for community guidelines agreed to the terms of service um have at least hundred thousand followers videos must pass safety moderation to be eligible for gives have an account that's been active for at least 30 days meet the age requirement so that's basically it um i have no idea how these gifts what exactly they are um is this like um you know like can you connect paypal or patreon probably not probably this is just some kind of ticktock coins or is it um like uh a specific uh you know asset no maybe it's crypto i have no idea actually so if we just go and check this out because i'm pretty interesting so then you can just sign give the create video gives feature gives creator another opportunity to collect diamonds by launcher used to send virtual gifts in the comment section of the video tiktok awards diamaster creator by sending the popularity of their videos and the key metrics that tiktok uses to access the popularity of video is the number of gifts and to a creator's content why use video gifts creating content that are the nicest that we want the creator to help my tic talk be able to monetize from it um this video gives creator can be rewarded by tick tock on a video by video basis that can inspire grantors to more the time creating quality videos so there you have it one way for you is to request to redeem your dime for money from tick tock you can see diamonds potentially monetary value in your tick tock account balance if you want to redeem your diamonds for money simply choose withdraw select your connected account enter the amount you like to redeem and tap confirm and proceed it's important to note diamonds don't have monetary value until they're redeemed so here you have that hundred thousand followers so something like that um so yep uh that's about it like interesting to see like what's exactly the value of this diamonds is tick tock uh diamonds to usd each diamond is worth five cents if you have hundred diamonds you can cash out for fifty dollars however tiger also retains uh 50 of what you earn so if you earn 50 dollars worth of diamonds you only give 25 you can withdraw your money only once once you reach 100 and you can't withdraw more than 1000 dollars a day so that's about it how much is 200 diamonds so five cents um so that's not that much like um a lot of creators i was looking at mr beast who has like gazillions views on tick tock he was making like 15 000 or something like that while of course he makes much more on youtube um i don't know if this is about that so there are ticktock coins then you can just check the balance [Music] so there are different diamond is equivalent to run five cents so you can see it there so then you can just support that but yeah okay so probably yeah if you have that try it out and that's about it maybe of course in future tick tock we'll add more and more monetization features but let's see

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