TikTok horizontal screen - will it be available soon?

hey everyone so can you see horizontal videos on tick tock so it says Tick Tock inches further into YouTube starter with a new horizontal full screen mode and it's testing in horizontal mode with select users globally um I'm just reading it here it's not live yet on Tick Tock but it's interesting because then yeah Tick Tock will be inching into YouTube territory and will be competing more with YouTube um you know there's a CR Tick Tock a lot already too I will upload videos with more than up to 10 minutes in length so that's already big increase but these are of course only about article videos um so yeah uh um so there you have it oftentimes creators will either turn your phone message at the start of the video to get users to fully enjoy the content that's about to play if they record this video horizontally so with this feature creators would no longer have to do that um so some of the screenshots include stuff like that uh uh so yeah we'll just be able to turn your phone and then you will see some like horizontal video experience full screen video experience similar as on YouTube so yeah that's actually pretty interesting development I don't know how like when it will be released or anything so yeah uh there you have it hope that is helpful

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