TikTok Inside Edition Kerri_Okie - what the hype is about?

hey what is the story with inside edition and carry okay so uh basically here is the uh karaoke's uh new uh tik tok star so you can just find that by this username and she basically posts videos of her mom which going viral uh the the most popular video is done it's the video one um i sing this one when her mom can't get into the car and because the daughter just locked the door and then she asked her to open the door but the mom needs to dance or something and then the mom starts dancing and it's super funny so you can you can watch that video and then there is another video here which is about that after that video went viral they were invited to inside edition which is just some like tv kind of tv show and also media there was also website and they're just discussing that and this video is also super funny so that's like that's the story around it and that's why it's quite viral if you want to watch it just go to karaoke on tick tock follow subscribe like and then you can enjoy this content it can be super funny                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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