TikTok JUMP LINK overview

hey everyone so what is tick tock jump so it's a third party integration feature in tick tock uh basically it is in better right now it is allows you to share links to other apps like whisk wikipedia quizlet stat news type blog and also providers like buzzfeed jump rope in ireland so all these apps began implementing their own jobs um so for example if you have a video or something about some recipe then you can just have these links here which is a seafood recipe and then people can just read that recipe there or you have some story and then you can listen to buzzfeed so yeah if you just tap create tick tock you can have a feature there add link and then you have all this option wikipedia whisk quizlet link recipe and all of that so that's that's basically tick-tock uh jump feature and every week every month they're just adding all of these uh integrations on new websites i don't think it is possible to launch your website yet but there you have it maybe they will launch integration to youtube but probably probably they're the main competitor so probably not not soon enough so there you have it um so that's that's about it

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