TikTok Now app NOT AVAILABLE what to do?

here is Tick Tock now feature and if you try to tap on it you will see this open app and then you just redirect it and for some people it says techno Tick Tock Now app is not available so why is that so Sims Tick Tock now is not available in United States App Store because seems like this feature this new tick tock feature which is similar to be real is available as a separate app in European countries so meaning like if you have European Apple ID you will have separate app but if you have us Apple ID this app should be available as a part of able to open Tick Tock now Tab and all the functionality should be in there but in your opinion uh and some other Apple IDs you should be available to see it as a separate app in my case I have Tick Tock registered with Danish European phone number so that's why when I try to open now tab it just redirects me to completely separate app if you have your Tick Tock registered with us phone number for example then your app you should be able to use this now feature without additional app just in Tick Tock so that's what I figured out I was just reading about it in TechCrunch and all of that um so yeah hope that can clarify something

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