here is Tick Tock Now app and let's go through it very quickly to know how to use it basically Tick Tock now it's a it's a copy of be real another wireless social media app which helps you to create and share authentic moments for photos and videos you create an account in Tick Tock now just by logging in with your Tick Tock account and for example I have Tick Tock and I just tap on now tab here in the bottom left and then I just need to open app login here through my tiktok account then after doing that you will receive one notification per day where you need to post a picture of yourself and you have three minutes to do it so it's very limited in time and you can only post one image per day let's do it so imagine I just received notification I can tap pause to view here how it looks like in the top you will see the timer like three minutes then I can change the direction of the camera uh in fact The Tick Tock now tags photo of two cameras front and back camera and then uh but you see only one you can see here some flashlight you can zoom in zoom out so okay let's just do it and then also in the top right you can tap to retake if you don't like it also here you can just change privacy so France these are followers your Tick Tock followers who you also follow bikes these are your friends on Tick Tock now and then also you have everyone tab um means that everyone can see it but this feed is not Tick Tock feed it's a separate Tick Tock now feed and your Tick Tock now will appear as covered if viewers are not your friends or they haven't posted enough so that's that and then just tap OK and your Tick Tock now is posted so there you have it now it's here it says now 20 hour late why what does it mean basically means that I have posted it without notification and I just posted like 20 hours after tick tock now notification then I can tap explore where I can see Tick Tock now from other users as you can see it's very authentic it's not like Instagram showing you like a perfect lifestyle somewhere perfect cars it's just people sharing their moments at work at home watching TV because you only have three minutes and you never know one Tick Tock now notification is gonna arrive so you're just sharing your authentic moments with your close friends that's the whole difference from Instagram or like Facebook where some very often is just a lot of fake and unrealistic pictures so here and then you can just interact with it you can like it uh you can then add friends so these are basically Tick Tock profiles which you can search for and add them in the front step you will be able to see who posted today then you have your profile in bottom right and here are some other interesting feature where you just have memories also similar to be real so memories is your private archive because Tick Tock now posts are not saved uh they are just they disappear after 24 hours so if you tap here on the photo you will see uh these photos if you type on three dots in top right actually from here you can delete your own Tick Tock now you can download it and then what's interesting you can change privacy of your Tick Tock now uh after posting so if you only post it to your friends you can change it to everyone and vice versa because for example you posted some image yarn and then you're like I don't want everyone to see it I just want for my friends to see that that's very important because it's very like privacy biased authentic app and then you can also in the bottom tab allow comments are not you can also delete or download it so that's that's what you can do from here then there are some additional settings in the top right here you can manage your Tick Tock account but uh careful it's not your Tick Tock now account it's your Tick Tock account so if you delete account you delete the whole tick tock you can clear a cache and then you have some Community guidelines I guess it's the same relates us on Tick Tock and yeah hope that is helpful

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