TikTok Now - when & where is it available?

so Tick Tock now is basically a copy of burial in Tick Tock so I just introducing this new feature which should be available soon but when and where will it be available so here as I say in our press release that we are experimenting with Tick Tock now or the common weeks in the US Tick Tock now can be accessed from The Tick Tock app in other regions Tick Tock now might be available as a new tick tock Now app too so if you're based in us just update your Tick Tock app and just see maybe it's already should be available in other regions Tick Tock now may be available as a new tick tock Now app but it doesn't say which regions and when so if you're outside of us probably over coming weeks and months there should be a new app in some in some regions so that's basically what we know so far so this is just some early preview so you will have this notifications in Tick Tock app or Tick Tock Now app and then you will have extreme units or something like that to post it now and then it can be your video or photo and it has boss front and back camera and you just post and capture your moment and say your friends what you're up to so this is the feature exactly of the real app which is going viral right now but there you have it

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