TikTok Recap 2022 - overview

so how to access Tick Tock recap 2022 basically it's not like Tick Tock recap it's just their promotion of tick tock ads but yeah you can just go to your inbox and then you have system notifications and then uh you just have your personalized look at 2022 is ready and then you can just tap on it and then uh just be able to access it okay something is going on here um so yeah let's just try again so it's kind of similar to Spotify wrapped so again just go to your inbox and then here again in system notifications just tap on on this main message not on view more and then you just need to to wait a bit and then yeah you should be able to see that soon um see so yes that's basically how you access your Tick Tock recap it will just include some stats like this is how many hours you've got during watched hours you've got this is how many views you've got this is your popular videos and then it will just push you to upgrade to tick tock ads

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