TikTok Stories are they coming?

hello everyone so i'm just reading this story from the gizmodo.com that apparently tick tock is working on its version of stories so every social network tries stories format like twitter enabled fleets then after less than a year they just deleted this option of course snapchat introduced stories globally but then instagram copied it and a lot of other social networks like pinterest linkedin and there are like um there is a user on twitter matt navarro go follow him really inside insightful twitter feed so he posted uh that there is a new tick tock lightest feature it also will be called stories and it will live in a newly added slide over sidebar from which you'll be able to access a carousel of content from the account you follow before it vanishes forever um and then in a statement given to variety um dictator confirms that small pillow test of the future is already underway in a number of countries outside of the u.s we are always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and there is a tick tock experience so this is additional form us to bring their creative ideas to like for the tick-tock community so i don't know anything else but this is just like uh yeah to spark your interest if you know more than this about it just leave it in the comments below interesting to see how it develops maybe you already have access to this feature so it would be super interesting you can send me to hello at mr hack.io and anyways yes this is just interesting development                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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