TikTok stories preview

hey so what should you know about tick tock stories uh so tick tock stories just has made big changes uh now they show up in for your page feed instead of the story sidebar so before that they were just showing up in some like specific sidebar now the in the general my tick tock feed you can now see anyone's stories not just from people you follow similar just in your feed to create a new store you just need to tap the plus button now and then you will see camera templates and quick so quick is basically a store so you can also like between photos and videos uh stories are highlighted in the in the fit with the blue storage stack so as you can see here in the bottom left of this poster is like a story so stories disappear after 24 hours and this is what like the previous version of this tiktok stories looked like but now the design is changed a bit so stories disappear after 24 hours stores are a new way to interact with your fans great stories fast and easy with our new camera feature sir only the daily highlights that disappear after 24 hours um and then you can uh know where to find tick-tock user stories on their profile you just go to profile and in their feed you will just see uh the stories and the story will be just highlighted story in the top left under of the image so these are the updates but you can't create tick-tock stories for everyone for example i don't see option to create a tic-tac-story in my tik tok so probably just rolling out due to a limited amount a number of creators but let's see

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