TikTok - Text too long to create speech audio - what is text limit?

so i'm trying here to create text to speech on tick tock and then it just says text to learn to create speech audio so okay i will just try to add it okay it's still too long it's actually not that long still it is quite long okay so you can see um okay so now it's working how to use india app create your account for free with instagram something like that okay so let's just explore then and then let's how many characters is that so for you just to know so as you see you can see 287 characters and now it's accepted so maybe and 54 words six sentences so that's basically the limit where you can use text to speech on tick tock origin native text speed generator of course maybe you can use like siri or something like that but yeah so around 300 characters i think that's the limit so that's basically like a tweet limit so yeah hope that is helpful

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