TikTok - “Too many uploading attempts. Please try again later” - what does it mean?

okay so when you try to upload uh videos to tick tock uh you see something like too many uploading attempts try again later so what does it mean so basically there is an upload limit on Tick Tock how many videos you can upload per day and seems that limit is 10 videos so you can only upload 10 videos per day on Tick Tock you can't like upload 30 50 or 100 videos the resistant mutation I don't know like will it gonna change or will it stay the same but yeah it's it's only possible to upload 10 videos per day on Tick Tock I don't know though when it's been reset so is it reset like after 24 hours or after like 12 a.m or like um which time but seems yeah you can only upload 10 videos so if you just edited some long video in small pieces like you know you want to repurpose your content for social media then you had for example some loan interview and you want to make like a you know 20 Tick Tock Clips so keep it in mind that you can only upload like 10 Clips on Tick Tock per day

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