Tile app - how to create an account?

here's an app called tile so just tap to get it and it's number six in the charts of Lifestyle uh 600 000 plus ratings and then yeah you can just see it tile helps you to keep track of your sinks so this is just like a little badge kind of piece you can attach to your keys and then if you lost something you can just find it very easily find your phone find your key all the other like objects you are looking for um yeah so kind of cool app uh tile plus Live 360 Aaron and everything track in one place now you can see your tiles and their Circle members on your livestock 16 map by linking your live stream 60 and tile accounts so yeah just open it up welcome to tile and then you can you of course need a tile first so you need to buy one and then to create an account you just tap get started and then uh yeah you need to activate so you can activate tile devices and then of course you can just Skip and then just create an account with your email and password it's not possible to create an account with uh uh uh yeah with Google or Apple ID or something like that so you just need to sign up with your email or password

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