TIMEHOP APP - full overview & how to use

hello so here is timehop app uh interesting app let's just explore how to use it so the idea of the app is just it brings memories from your popular apps such as uh facebook instagram but also google photos dropbox flickr twitter tumblr snapchat so yeah like you know you all know probably this feature in facebook when you are in your feed and there is like a notification hey seven years ago this is what happened hey this is what happened three years ago and just all of that [Music] so yeah that's basically the idea of the app but you would ask like why would i use it if i have facebook app or something but because this app combines all these other apps and uh yeah so that's why it's popular in in some users because if you let's say if you don't really like using facebook or instagram and these are not your kind of apps you can use time hop and then you will still have access to that feature so here if you tap on the jar icon in top left you can connect all these apps facebook twitter instagram swarm dropbox photos google photos flickr and apple photos you can add your first and last name you can add your birthday maybe you'll get some specific notification change your theme there is also like a daily reminder you can also enable email notifications and also if you're not happy you can delete your account here so that's what you can do uh that's the app and then basically swipe tab and then you will see this memories appear here but i just added one account so they're not that much if if you don't have that much accounts you will just see some general notifications like this so yeah that's that's the app it's a free app so definitely give it a try

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