Timehop app - Memories then and now - how to create an account?

here is very interesting app which is called time hop memories uh celebrate your best memories every day so maybe you know this feature on facebook where sometimes you're being reminded about some memory from your time feed from like three years ago or different period eight years ago and then just throw back and this app basically combines all of these memories from all your favorite apps including facebook instagram snapchat google photos uh twitter some other apps and then you can just see these notifications in the app so yeah uh a very cool app um it's quite popular in europe and i think in us it's obviously it's just like too too much of facebook domination but sometimes in europe people like to explore this app uh yeah so then here you need to enter your code well then you need to confirm then you are logged in then you can connect your facebook uh you can connect your photos you can allow access to photos you can connect instagram if you want you can connect twitter you can connect google photos if you want so let's so then you just need to log in with your google account uh and then you can just sweep us or skip and there you have it and then you can just collect memories uh and then add more uh accounts so yeah it just depends uh yeah it just depends you need to add more memories like more accounts here to this app to to make it more uh you know more featured and much more uh memories to be here and there is like a diary reminder you can also add email notifications here you can also delete your account and all of that so yep that's the that's the interesting app i hope you have an idea now how to create an account and general overview of the app

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