TimeWarp - TimeWarp Scan - app overview

here's the interesting app which is called Time Warp Time Warp scan so let's just install it and yeah it's it's in top charts in entertainment category so let's just see how it works um so yeah you can see here incredible pictures funny moments with bad family bonding time explore trending videos easy to try another hairstyle so yeah uh there are iPhone and iPad apps is a destination for funny videos on time warp scan with Blue Line Filter short form videos are exciting spontaneous and genuine from your morning coffee to afternoon Time Warp has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day um so yeah this is kind of like a photo filter app which is getting some traction there are just some standards replies here there are some ads you can allow notifications you can see some trending videos and then you can record video yourself time warp helps you get your friends together meet new people and find fun things to do we'll need some permissions so you need to give access to camera you access your microphone and then yeah okay let's just try to explore it these are a bunch of ads here so yeah something like that so you can see I can just move the video and then just can create um this video is the I can select different filters can I can then just see like I can select horizontal vertical I can create a photo so yeah that's basically the idea where you can create this kind of warping filters it's like a working filter app and then uh you can you can use it you can use it on Tick Tock you can use it on Snapchat Instagram whatever you want it's just it's just easy to do it in this app yeah I guess there are so many apps which can help you with this filter uh but yeah that's basically the idea uh yeah and then you can just share it on Instagram Facebook Twitter share everywhere and yeah that's kind of fun you can also change the direction of the camera then yeah you can just see my laptop um yeah so that's basically the app and then also you can see your own Gallery you can see trending videos from other uh people and then you can see there is an upgrade option if you if you want to explore that you can try that unlock all limited items daily update trading no ads have a chance to use early update version with a new feature so as you have seen probably the most annoying thing is like all these ads in this app so if you want to disable disable them that's what you can try here and it's only 149 dollars per month not per week or per day and yeah it's pretty cheap on 9.99 Lifetime and then you can get three days free trial so it's pretty cool a pretty interesting app again you can unlock all limited items daily update trending have a chance to use early update version and of course remove ads as you can see yeah that's because these ads are a bit annoying and then you can just see all these videos from other people but yet to see videos from other people you need to to uh to see the ads and stuff like that yeah hope this is helpful I think this app is going viral because it went viral on tick tock uh but that's what it is

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