Tinder and Revolut offer - DOESN’t WORK?

i just stumbled this thread on reddit that there is this tinder and revolut promotion basically if you sign up for uh like if you have free tinder account in europe so not in united states just in europe uh you have this offer that you can claim three months free of tinder gold if you sign up for revolut premium uh but for some people it's not working some people say i've signed up but i haven't received any code um so what's what's going on uh and this offer basically is valid until september 2022 or something like that so here you need to upgrade to premium before getting it i and some people don't just proceed to activate premiums since there might be costs involved with cancellation so no people trying to figure it out uh how long does it takes so still some people might have purchased like five days ago but still still no email from tinder i'm trying to figure out right now i you know upgraded to premium and then even my first spiritual payment with 72 hours so okay as it was setting rules so not only you need to upgrade to revolut premium you need to add made some uh virtual payment within 72 hours and then then there is no there is no invitation to get tinder gold subscription so that's that so maybe it's not working yet please leave your comments below because a lot of people in europe especially are super interested in these offers this seems like a interesting nice promotion you got like three months of tinder gold and seems like three months of revolut premium interesting combination but yeah you can get some value but seems there is some bug or some glitch it doesn't work for many people if you figure it out just leave it in the comments below so we can know how did it work for you thanks

My Tinder match disappeared after a...
My Tinder match disappeared after a message
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