Tiny Decisions app - USEFUL APP OVERVIEW

hello here is interesting app just called tiny decisions so let's install it so yeah you can use touch id to install so here is the app it's in the top charts yeah it's uh like in some categories but and then has like 70 000 writings and the point of this app is just spin wheel to decide touch to decide or have some random numbers flip a coin create your decisions color seams dark and all of that so the idea is that you know if you're in some strat situation or you don't have a lot of time you need to quickly make some decision like one two which decision to go to and then yeah you you sometimes you can just procrastinate spend like enormous amount of time on some simple decision it doesn't really is is not that important really but there you have it so for example if i want to eat something okay seafood thai food so you see and then i'm just putting a finger and then i can see who is winning this so that's that so now yellow color has one that so that's for example if uh yeah if you like want to make a decision between three people like who's gonna go for who's gonna do something that's also the way to do it also you can generate random number number ten good so now again you can try it out number one so that's how it works and you can also flip the coin so either yeah so super simple app just to make a decision like flip a coin okay like i just need to decide and there you have it so that's the idea of the app uh app icon you can also enable quick stop to make it even faster app icon you can do this you can enable speak result but then you need to upgrade to tiny decisions pro remove ads set weights for option height weight speakers are unlocked tab mod unlock all new features for free and all of that yeah so that's the idea for the app um [Music] hope it is helpful um yeah i think it can be really helpful a lot of people uh just you know if you don't some people you know don't have cash don't have coins anymore you need to do a quick decisions quickly you have your phone on a pocket boom and you just make a decision so pretty interesting idea no wonder why this app has high 2000 or so reviews definitely give it a try

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