so here is the app which is called tp live video chat it recently started to climb in the social media charts app store charts in social media category so just interesting to explore how this app looks like and why it's becoming more popular and all of that so there are of course so many apps in this category like there's new live video chat apps probably like every week which starts to get attention and this is such a crowded niche for apps uh but yeah it's what it is uh because there are so many apps so often probably no one figure it out yet like how to build a really like you know sustainable app which can stay in charge for the for the long period um yep so there you have it okay i'll just enable wi-fi here because sims is just taking a long time for the app to download so tp is made to help you easily live chat with people of any nationality culture or gender from the comfort of your home with tp you can swipe around the world connect with fall from all walks of life and create fond memories that last a lifetime with the pandemic yet under control and social conflict another horizon tp wishes to bridge its users through an immersive and joyful live chat experience on mobile devices this is brand new and convenient way to meet exciting people and have fun it allows you to experience the world with the swipe of your finger you can make new friends live video and text chat explore new cultures real time translation save community uh great app to discard the world make new friends exchange cultures and traditions so there you have it so this app has been there for a while as you can see that people were using this a lot then yep and then there are these options to create your account either with apple id google facebook or phone number so let's just try to do it with apple id um and then you just need to select your edge so then you can just start so there you have it so then you can just enable location uh tp would like to have access to camera oh there it is so that's basically the idea that's how you create an account here and then you can just start browsing through it and start chatting and just tap here your tags so something like that

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