hello everyone in this video let's just go through a tp live video chat app it recently started to hit top charts in the app store in us and this is a social platform these people carrying interesting stories through the live video chat to share live um so yeah you can meet new friends online you can explore different cultures live video texts and chat chat with auto translate protects safety and privacy call with friends anytime so yeah overall you can say that this is one of these apps like real-time video chat apps and there's probably a new app in this category on app store like every two weeks or so but let's just explore this app and take a look how it might look like tp is made to help you easily live chat with people of any nationality culture or gender from the control comfort of your home with stippy you can swipe around the world connect yourself from all walks of life and create fond memories that last a lifetime with the pandemic year under control and social conflicts around the world arising tp wishes to bridge its users through an immense and joyful live chat experience on their mobile devices this brand new and convenient way to meet exciting people around the world so uh yeah you can meet new friends live video and text chat explore new cultures real time translation save community so a bunch of writings and reviews so seems like this app was there for a while uh it was just called holla now they have a rebrand and change of design and again try to hit the app store again just yeah just in case this is the the other thing which happens with a lot of this real-time video chat apps they spike in popularity as they go down then probably there's some redesign a rebrand but hopefully this time tp app should be uh should be like better this time and really you know let's just explore i don't know like but i'm just telling you that a lot of these apps are pretty scammy and not that of high quality but hopefully one day we'll have like an app in this category which is really amazing but you can see the people this real deal i have tried video chat apps and none of them work because this one works for real you can uh yeah some people interesting there are some some user users say that this app is a scam that there are fake accounts um you need to pay for some of your stuff so anyways what's the better things than just go and explore the app so basically here's how the app looks like you can create your account easily with apple id files google or your phone i created a video about that so yeah and then you just have this this screen where it's a collection of all your conversations with your friends you can add friends in the uh here in the top chart like that and then you can just tap say hi or something like that but to unlock that chat it will cost you coins so if i want to stand high um it will there is a pop-up and i will need to purchase this coin so there is some kind of first time recharge offer like 200 coins for 0.99 and then i can just tap to grab it uh so that's the idea [Music] like me uh people who like you here then you have your history if you have any recent matches you can see them here try to meet some funny people first um and yep so you can find them here then there is basically a discovery option uh where yeah you can just discover all these uh interesting people so i can just tap to start the journal journey and basically starts a real-time video chat ladies gentlemen welcome aboard tpr line um so you can see all the rules here and i can just show you the experience how it looks like and then you just need to accept someone look like and then yep you can set up the gender or some filtering but again that will require some coins and then the restore so you can just go in the store and here you have it and then there is worldwide region preference so there you have it and then you can just start video chat or you can just leave video chat like this um what's bonus series for your charge offer we went through this already checking rewards so there are some rewards here then there is account so yeah that's where i created my account i can see my coins and i can just purchase more coins in the store if i want to so you can see the prices here like 200 coins for 1.99 550 coins for 4.99 500 cores 10.99 so something like that [Music] then i can just edit profile um and then i can just change my profile picture um change my username that's basically how it can work and i can change my edge but be careful you can't change your name for one month um [Music] yep that's about it like sales andrew is about tp if you want to delete your account just tap delete my account and you can delete it from here so that's actually pretty cool that they include this option right in the app so you don't need to to you know go to some support center all of that to further protect your account safety tp has updated safety services and privacy policy you can now delete your account the account deletion process will begin 30 days after you submit your account deletion request during this time your account will be held in a deactivated state with no access you can choose to cancel your account deletion anytime during these 30 days would you like still to delete your tp account and then you can just tap to delete your account uh yeah you can also reach out to support here uh so you see previously this app was called hola uh and now they just rebranded to uh to tp um so yep something like this um serious fly map i don't know what that means okay yeah so that's basically live video chat and then you can see your badges different types of patches start exploring the world so depending on which events you are using there are different types of uh information and then yep here is the app uh this heart looks like interesting app for sure um so yeah give it a try uh maybe it will really satisfy your needs and all of that it can yeah it seems like it's the design is quite nice actually there is a great working design and because some of these video chat apps are really you know feature kind of very minimalistic like buggy design and everything just breaks down and the app looks like pretty not that great how to say it but here it's it's pretty amazing doesn't feel so intrusive and doesn't feel like you know like someone is about to scam you or something like that so definitely give a try interesting app visit my website mr hector i do all the reviews of these interesting apps and see in the next videos

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