hey everyone so let's try to install this get this titan app so it's called titan long-term investing and i think it's one of the most popular investing apps it's an elite investment firm for everyone there are two objectives from this app grow your capital at high rates of return and enable you to understand everything uh without high fees or lockups first class for your capital so let's just try to open it up and let's just go through the process of creating your account or what are the options here um titan is the premium investment firms advantages 750 million plus for 35 000 clients so let's try to just create an account here see what happens and then okay then i just need to confirm your email so i just need to login to my email here so here it is titan support confirm your email so you just need to go through this process so yeah there you have it now my email is for verified [Music] how did you hear about titan so app store so then you just need to create your pin and then so choose account type individual investing open a taxable individual brokerage account open a traditional auros ira you can fund it with a new contribution or roll over an existing ira for 100k so then you just need to agree to these terms and this app is mostly available to you as residents you should either be your citizen green card card holder visa holder or other and then here are the visa types which are available here otherwise it's it's not available so if you are then so you can just do this your address oops sorry i'm just trying to create some kind of test data here i don't know so like uh so let's try again anyway so that's basically the idea how you can start with this app if you're using this app or have other suggestions how you can use it just leave it in the comments below interesting to know it [Music] i can also just tap here to finish later and then there is basically here is an overview of the app where you have your account transfers history documents account preferences how finalize your account where you can see all the opportunities here and your portfolio and all the companies all the large past class opportunities offshore crypto and cash um [Music] so yeah you can see scorecard so titan flagship is all-time 98 uh snp 581 percent whilst front 49 percent and private client 45 so that's basically the idea of this ad that with help of these professionals you can of course return more money than if you're investing individually so that's the idea and you can earn up to ten thousand dollars for each titan referral so if i type refer a friend here for example this is what happens and this is like my referral called shared.titaninvites.com and this is the code so feel free to use it and this is my account i can also close account or open a new account from here i can see transfers automatic deposits link banks history transaction history ira contribution history documents stack trade confirmation tax and accounts dismiss legal documents preferences and there is also something like wealth calculator your wealth calculator total invested capital five thousand dollars return on capital 4.2x so if i invested 5 thousand dollars like or the 5 years um i can get like uh titan and analyze return so i can get like 10 so yeah something like that so yeah that's basically the idea um so yeah hope that is helpful just just an overview again if you're using this app just leave it in the comments below interesting to see if it's useful if it's worth it and all other details                                                                                                                                                              

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