Today’s LiveIn feature in LiveIn LivePic app - BeReal alternative?

hello everyone so live in app uh becoming a competitor to be real and it's just released a feature which is called today's live in which is basically super similar to what the real app is so the whole idea is that once per day you can only post it like one time per day you can take your picture uh in in live in-app sorry and then you can just post with your front and back camera and uh your visitors can see it so basically you can just tap here on the on the once a day so this is the from uh to the top to the left of the camera you have this uh icon and then you can just post it then you have picture brought from your front and back camera so similar as as on be real uh so that's basically the feature of this app why would you need to post this kind of photos like well it's kind of a bit opposite to you know like this perfectionist instagram where you have you know ideal setups and all of that here just sharing your order in your simple life like once per day and your friends can enjoy it like basically what you are doing just this moment i i'm uh i'm like sitting at the table i'm at work or i'm in a bar i'm not like doing some like you know some exceptional stuff or something like that [Music] yes this and this concept is is very popular in purell app but now it's also available in live in live peak you can change the privacy of it and then you can just tap pause to post it so yeah hope that is helpful try it out you don't need any subscription anything like that so try it out

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