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here is tune app cartoon photo editor app um yeah let's just try it out so recently prequel app went in the top charts in the app store because i just released cartoon effect which just went while and that app was like in like top five apps in the app store but therefore all these apps are also trending turn your photos into a cartoon in one tab to an app cartoon photo editor is powered by ai for the best results cartoon yourself and add an impressive layout or tuned background you can even combine drip effect and cartoon filters for an epic editing if you like any of my characters this cartoon for the editor and avatar michael will your new best friend so let's just open it up and see how that's working you can allow notifications you can cartoon yourself weekly new content amazing cartoon backgrounds past ai cartoon maker and then of course they offer you to upgrade right in the app through their free trial and then weekly 4.99 or yearly 54.99 that's a subscription uh then you need to give access to your photos so for example if i have this photo just instantly get it and then this app just instantly is drawing my cartoon again i see this pop-up but there you have it now my cartoon is ready i can see different different pop-ups and this is basically how it looks like [Music] you can then attach different filters different backgrounds so yeah something like that you can just play with it um so there are a lot of different filters and it's pretty fun um so yep if you want to remove if you want to remove that thingy in the bottom right you will need to upgrade [Music] yeah so you can just move around it so yeah that's basically that's the app so yeah hope you enjoyed it's it's really interesting really nice technology um definitely give it a try and then for example if i do this i can just save it to my device i can just share it easily you can just save image um something like that and then i can just also get high quality and yeah so that's the idea um if you again if you want to remove watermark you will need to upgrade 54.99 per year hope that is helpful

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