ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor App - is it SAFE TO USE?

here is tune me app cartoon photo editor which is uh which is in the top charts right now same as new profile picture editor app but like should you use these apps if you go to here and go to developer part uh you just always check that here all the apps by by this developer and i think you should be pretty careful and not rushed to use this app and also a new profile picture editor app because i read some report that these apps are not that safe to use they can be super simple to actually to create profile pictures and to create selfies but [Music] but yeah there are some concerns about privacy i think there have connections actually to some lab either in russia i think and that they can use your photos not in the right way um [Music] and like because to create these profile pictures you give access to all your photos and then you upload your photo every day and they basically have unlimited access to analyze all your personal photos especially your facial photos and just use that to create these images but on the other hand they get enormous access to all this data and if you open tune me up or profile pic editor app this is free you don't need to create an account and there are no ads so the question is like how they run the the business and how to monetize the app what's like their incentive so it it it can be pretty tricky you can just google yourself and find that it's it's not that straightforward either you can use this app or not uh so i wouldn't really recommend it just double check always with all these selfie crater apps because you first you always give access to all your camera roll on iphone uh all the pictures selfies you take usually if you read their privacy policy it's very vague because they basically can do whatever they want with your selfies and just analyze you and you know uh all these kind of apps so just be super careful i wouldn't actually recommend right now to use this app

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