Tootle for Mastodon - app overview

here's interesting app it's called total for Mastodon so what is that it's basically a mastodon client uh so Mastodon is like open source social media project uh are great where you can it's like a framework yeah where you can uh basically create your own social media super fast and total is just one of the clients there is also meta tax and like everyone you can just go and create your own social media similar to Twitter and basically because of all the turmoil right now in Twitter uh Mastodon and all of these clients like two total match attacks uh become pretty popular so I think this is one of the top uh like interfaces for Mastodon uh so yeah if you like Mastodon check out total checkout matter text uh let's just open it up you can allow notifications and then uh yeah you need to enter instance domain so I have original Master done for uh for iPhone app so you can use that of course but uh maybe some features you like more here and then you will be redirected to the website and then from here you need to basically log in with your credentials and then uh that's basically how you create an account so you need to create your account on the Mastodon Dot online website

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