Here stoppages app and I'm going through some of the issues and since this app while being in the top chart of the US app store is still quite buggy and glitchy so some videos doesn't work for example clock widget doesn't work and doesn't update uh some shortcuts no uh doesn't work some like doesn't download uh um not working for is15 okay that's that's understandable because it's only the lock screen which is only work for iOS 16. um so yeah there are bugs and glitches here and there but overall I need to say that you can see that there are more than 20 000 ratings and four points and out of the five average rating and uh yeah so that's what it is uh and it seems that overall this rating is pretty good so yeah uh hope that is helpful and yeah so that's that but I think you can always try to reach out to their support you can just tap on app support and here you will be able to reach out here's the website okay it's in Chinese so you've just been redirected here and there are just links to their social media

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