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so what are the some of the top alternative for top Widgets app so this app is famous for like the big collection of lock screen widgets and it's I think the best app for a lot for that purpose so if you're looking for lock screen Alternatives let's just take uh what what's out there but yeah I think at the moment if you look into install lock screen ridges this is the top app out there but like what can be some of the Alternatives so to do that we can just right now go through the top charts in the US app store and see because all the apps are in the top charts a lot of them are about block widgets uh so here is vegetable another uh quite popular app so we can just open it up is the app vegetable here you can also install uh lock screen widgets and then you can see here either distance either day status icon and text like and then you you just see all of these widgets you can install bar you can install uh all of these things then you can just select we just also here you can install home screen widgets uh than what else is here so there is color Widgets app another one it's it's pretty colorful as you can see from the from the name of the app the thing about this app is that uh okay so teams or widgets here you can install some of those uh so there you have it so it seems but I'm not sure if you can actually use lock features here you can definitely okay now I get your lock screen uh touch and hold for a customize button to appear click customize button search for color widgets and search for the widgets which you can select here and then you can just select a size so that's another app um teamify app also got an update and now they they have log widgets in timify so try that but it's already lower in rankings so this I think is three apps already like vegetable color widgets and timify which are pretty high in rankings also um Steve widget game this is here you can just install uh widget game like dinosaur widget game to your lock widgets which is also quite fun uh it was like very popular in the just the beginning just in notification screen and then you can just install it as a widget I don't know a lot of people actually like this game and you like that uh so what else I think overall this is like three uh three top apps in that category okay let's just let's do this uh let's select category utilities where actually these apps are uh organized all these featured apps uh bear with me so as you can see here top you just widget about color widgets um yeah I guess these are the apps uh themes color widgets so yeah that's what I would use uh if you want looking for Alternatives I think overall vegetable is a really good app it's nicely designed and it's growing in charts super fast so yeah hope that is helpful

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