Top Widgets app upgrade hint please upgrade app and your system to iOS16

so in top widgets when you try to install lock screen widgets and tap on it it says upgrade hint please upgrade app and your system to iOS 16 are about to use this feature so what does it mean so basically lock screen widgets is the new feature from Apple iPhone from iOS whereas these widgets are only available um from IOS 16. it's not available on iOS 15 or iOS 14 you need to upgrade if you have iPhone 8 or or later you can already upgrade so up to iPhone 8 so it's pretty old iPhone already so you can use that and yeah so that's basically the uh what you can do and um yeah so that's the idea um uh yeah so just don't be scared and of course you need to uh upload download this app again if you already downloaded on the previous software to be uh for this app to be renewed so you can just go to your settings and then here you have software update available and then you can just check for update and update from here so that's like a standard process this is just a bit older iPhone iPhone 7 so it's not available here but ir16 should be available if you have iPhone 8 or later

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