here's top Widgets app here you can install lock screen widgets this app right now is in the top chart of the of the App Store so here you can see all the beaches you can use and yeah just go to the App Store install it or in your ass it's just about all other apps it's a Chinese app so there you have it um yeah so as you can see here um that's what you can use top pages provides plenty of features app icons and wallpapers users to personalize their home screen like never before making videos have never been this either and enjoyable with stock Pages you only take a few seconds to choose from large number of features which are prepared by professional designers and put them on your home screen by the way you can also do it yourself your own we just miss use plenty of tools such as the change from colors fonts which style and so much more torped juice is more than we just so yeah this app was originally developed like a uh like one year or two years ago and it included home screen images which were released from iOS 14. but uh after the release of lock widgets this app skyrocketed to the top charts of the US App Store and yeah let's just show you how it works here so when you open your home screen you just have instantly recommended some lock screen widgets and here are some like countdown you can set up some some data and then just have it come down to the date then you can count your steps then you can just use some shape some launch it means you can learn some apps you can launch Twitter messenger WhatsApp and then just have this icon right on your lock screen and launch it right from your lock screen then you have device um just any metrics about your phone and also launch you can have uh like launch pad to launch any app and then there are also this Dynamic gifs uh so yeah you can see all these images uh um so yeah you can see all these gifs and all of that um so yeah that's basically that um uh that's what you can see here uh then you can see all these Dynamic gifs which you can select and then basically in the lock screen tab you can just go here and then select more options because the ones before they were just like uh yeah just more recommended so you can also like set some CPUs on this story some stuff some cartoons some articles and then there is bar where you can just add some custom content and add customize your lock screen so how does lock screen work so basically here you just select the widget tap on it sorry I'm not on iOS 16 yet but there you have it you just select it tap it and lock your screen on iOS 16 tap and hold the screen and then you will see the button to customize uh top widgets and select one of the view chosen here so that's basically the process I guess it's pretty uh straight forward um let me just check here some guidance from another app the app called lock widget they see here so you can long press any empty area unlock screen click customize click add we just scroll down and select top widgets here is just lock widget Tapper track to add a widget click the widget on preview area choose a widget name click done in the upper upper right corner click status wallpaper pair set done so there you have it that's the pro uh yeah so that's what you can do with the dog Pages app you know it's pretty it's pretty cool and at the moment this app has the biggest collections collection of lock widgets in on the market so that's why it's getting so much popularity and it's skyrocketing in the top charts also but you can use it to install hot widget like just home screen widgets uh like a regular iOS 14 widgets and this part is also pretty Advanced here and customizable as you can see you can install these to-do lists you can install shortcuts in different options so for example here you can install a shortcut to Spotify then just tap save and then here in mine section you have a widgets saved and then to install the home screen widget as you can see here is how it looks like tap and halt you will see apps jiggling and then you can just search widgets top widgets and then select which size you want there are four sizes small medium large and medium with the transparent mode or maybe I don't know why there are two mediums anyhow so you can just do that tap and hold then you can just have edit widget and then select current widget and from here you can just select what I've just chosen uh or I don't know where is that is so anyhow uh yeah so that's what you can do basically and yeah uh or yeah you I can just select like a photo wall uh but then it stop you just Pro you need to upgrade or you can select this clock and and then I just save it and then uh again I can tap and hold and edit dot widget and then I can select current widget and then yeah I can just select clock from here so that's basically that uh that's what you can do so you can also set up the speeches like that and then yeah you can just remove it and it's pretty Advanced actually you can set up transparent backgrounds in this app you can select text Shadow you can blur it so no other app can actually do this Advanced customization on the widgets as I see because yeah there are like widgets meets we just do digitable like so many apps which are doing stuff like that but this one is pretty advanced so try that also you can if you want you can customize icons here so there are some icons which you can customize there are wallpapers which you can install here and then there are more functionality there are like quotes weather Bills hot Peaks there's some feedback or all of that and then you can just tap to clear cache and cash cleared if you want because if you are using this app very often and using a lot of we just actually it can accumulate a lot of storage also you can just tap to upgrade to top videos Pro unlimited use of all widgets without ads so it's also pretty handy because with the ads it will be pretty annoying if you're using this time although is this app all the time constant updates unlimited wallpapers and yeah so that's basically that uh so that's the idea and then you have all papers icon home um so that's what you have here and yeah then you just have uh hear what it is and then if you tap in top right you can reach out to their support you can read all the FAQs and all the questions and in bottom right you can tap to chat uh chat with the support team so that's basically the idea and hope this was helpful thank you for watching please like this video so more people can explore the widget app it's really amazing and check out my Tick Tock check out my personal blog Mr hack.

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