TopFace dating app - full overview, how to use?

so here is top face app and let's just go straight uh let's explore how this app works so this is basically an alternative to tinder you just swipe here around and then yep you can swipe left or right if you want to start chatting with someone uh you need to activate vip subscription so you can see one month for 11.99 or one year for 99.99 so you can do that yeah you can also just like someone you can just try to get notification you can enable notifications here uh and then yeah you can enable filters in top right you don't need like any payments for that so for example you can do this so you can enable filters like that um yeah and dependent on your location and then you can also try boost for example if you want to stand out boost your profiles to be 10x more visible in dating with more shows 700 wings to start a new chat without a match spotlight get to the very top of your area and be seen by thousands message bombs and message yep so then you can see oh no that's just a subscription then you see messages from here uh so you know someone is writing uh and there you have it then the main tab is just like that then you can see people nervy nervy and then you can just see all the different profiles um then also in this uh sec second time from the right you can see all the likes people who liked you and you can also just see them but without even upgrading to the to the paid profile you can just buy like six coins for nine like one dollar or something and then here there is your profile yep then here is your profile you can add photos you can become vip here then you can top up your balance you can also restore purchases so it means like if you bought this app on other phone you can just restore that then you can see all the guests meaning all the people who want to your profile so that's cool that you can do it in the free version and then you have settings basically if you want to hide your profile just type hide profile or delete permanently then there are all these notifications then there is additional settings like uh additional help if you want to yet to explore it um and then you can just read privacy policy all of that overall yeah you can just easily hide your profile if you don't want to show up and then you can restore it easily and then also you have option to delete permanently um so that's that's basically that's how it works uh and yeah so this app is just an alternative to tinder if you are i don't know like a bit bored with tinder or you don't have any success there you can always just uh use this app try it out give some feedback here in the comments what do you think um and then you have your ap status what it gives you you can write to anyone even without motion like get more profile views see and find out the faces of your fans and page visitors now in ipads chat with popular users so that's the idea so overall i hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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