Tory Lanez e-nft album - how to get?

okay so how to buy uh toriel anna's nft album uh so nft means non-fungible token and it's basically digital art or digital album and you can buy it by it using a blockchain technology and basically for example there is one million copies and you will have that unique copy and via the blockchain it can be checked that this is the unique token so you kind of like verified unique owner and there you have it so um yeah just go to this website e slash uh and then here you can see the album and you can pre-order uh and it's has to be like first streaming nft album then you can just preview the album but you can see that no more pre-orders available uh you can only like see like listen to some songs here uh but of course they're not fools they're just like uh previews and then it's sold out unfortunately but you can go come back here later on all august 24th for additional buying options maybe there will be some reselling options but you need to register an account here so yeah so that's how it works                            

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