TouchTunes app how to create an account with Apple ID?

hey there here's TouchTunes app and to create an account here when you just open the app you can check out some jukeboxes around you but then you can just you know tap get credits please log in to sign up to purchase credits and place on so you can just tap login and then you can sign up with these options Apple Facebook or email so you can just continue with Apple and then uh yeah and then just tap continue and then you can choose uh face ID or touch ID and then there you have it and then you can customize and create your username so for example you can just do this uh and then you can select your avatar and then let's that set it up there you have it so my username is actually my first name is pretty cool so then yeah uh uh nearby of course this app is available in US UK or Canada so if you're traveling somewhere in Europe seems It's not available but yeah and then if you sign up you can just basically buy all of these credits so yeah here you can just check it out you can just buy 12 credits for sand dollars 14 uh like yeah for ten dollars we'll give you 24 credits 28.48 credits then you can also activate how to refill and then there is like a some promotions but you need to check in uh so yeah that's basically it stays so you can change your payment method you can see a credit balance uh we appreciate hearing about the music however due to the high one we receive we unable to press or request directly respond to submissions our music team is committed to ensuring the best possible experience uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh download the app check into a nearby jukebox uh and then you can just set it out create an account search for a song and then and there you have it so that's how you can uh select uh and play the songs um so yeah that's basically the idea and hope that is helpful so there you have it's pretty cool idea and check it out

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