TouchTunes app Jukeboxes Near You FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

hey there so what is TouchTunes app uh joke boxes near you so how does it work and what's basically the idea so it's quite popular Niche app it's only available in US Canada a UK and how it works basically you can just see here um that you download this app and this is a cool way you can control the music on the jukebox from your device at or a 65 000 bars restaurants and local hotspots with the TouchTunes apps personalized experience is a snap to find and play your favorite songs without ever having to leave your seat simply check in search for a music and purchase credits and play a song yeah so that's the idea so you just have this overview of jukeboxes near you and you can just allow and then you can select music to play on the jukebox through your device beat the house DJ and on the night the first screen you will send the TouchTunes app is the jukeboxes near your screen simply tap the name of the venue from the list of available venues so here is just like an idea so you can find it like uh yeah just in your area in your restaurants and bars whatever the thing is also it's uh only available in US UK Canada so if you're traveling Europe or Asia it's not available but anyhow and then you just create an account so you can just sign up you can log in with Facebook or create with Apple ID then you can just search for a song just search music and then your search results will be related to artists in some title and then you just select a song and purchase jukebox credits tap on this on title album artwork select Fastpass or play this will take you to the Wallace wallet view where you can purchase jukebox credits select the amount of credits and then you can buy with credit debit card PayPal Apple pay Google pay and yeah and then press play and Json if you purchase credits you will be asked and yeah and will be added to the queue so there you have it that's basically the process you can always reach out to their chat if Samsung is not working um so that's basically the idea you need to give location uh to a low location while using this app and uh yeah like if you are traveling it's not available everywhere so that's basically the idea then you can see your previous locations uh and then also you can just tap to get credits payment method it says Apple pay you can always change your payment method here then there are like credits where you can just get some credits um so yeah you can get like 12 credits for seven dollars plus one credit free 24 credits for 14.48 credits for 28 everywhere credits I used to play songs on any mobile unable to choose jukebox within the controversary purchased credits can be purchased using either credit debit cards apple pie Google PayPal uh and then you can also activate Auto refill options and then just have them there uh there is some also some promo credits which you can get so yeah that's basically the idea of it uh it's like pretty cool app so definitely give it a try uh and check it out so yeah hope uh hope that is helpful uh it's pretty cool app and go and get it

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