TouchTunes app Live Bar JukeBox quick overview & how to use

so what is the students app it's quite popular as you can see it's in top charts actually in music category um yeah so this app allows you to play songs on jukeboxes in different restaurant bars areas around United States United Kingdom or Canada so yeah this is not the app where it's like Spotify Apple music where you play different songs nope you just need to be in a physical location near that bar have jukebox device available and then you can select us on add it to the queue and it will start playing in that jukebox outside so that's basically the idea and it's pretty fun however it's not available worldwide it's only available yeah in us so you need to be there uh so yeah just open it up open the app and then you can see that's the the process you just create an account with Facebook email or like Apple ID the app by the way is available also on Google Play Store on Android also on iOS it's not available as a web app and then yeah you just need to give access to your location and then you just find jukeboxes around so like I'm in Europe there are no jukeboxes around but if you used it before all your previous jukeboxes will be saved here in my locations Tab and then you will be able to play them remotely even if you are not in that location to play the song you need to get a credit and then you just need to purchase credits like this you can get like for example file card for seven dollars and every song is a new credit so you just purchase that credit you can use credit card PayPal Apple pay or you can activate after refill and then you can just play it so yeah let's just go again super quickly how to play first song so just download the app Google Play or IOS app store then you just check into the nearly uh jukebox in your location like you can see in US you have that then just create an account or you can create an account and then check in I don't know search for a song search music select a song and purchase jukebox credits um so yeah to play a song tap on the song title or album artwork select fast pass or play uh this will take you to the wallet view where you can purchase jukebox credit select an amount of credits to purchase it's like a payment method and uh fast pass option we Supply the Sonic priority queue in case there are some songs before your choice might be of course there are other people trying out this app and then just press play and enjoy the song so there you have it pretty cool um now you also have everywhere credits which can be used in the different jukebox locations because if you previously if you're buying credits they're only available in that location where you use them uh you have different payment choices you can see here you can play your songs uh you can yeah so and then you can create your own playlists uh you also have your DJ usernames it's pretty cool uh yeah if you want to delete your account you will need to reach out to support so just tap contact us in the top right and then you can reach out to their support so it's pretty handy uh yeah and then you here you can just purchase credits as you can see there is promo uh uh you need to check in yeah so that's basically the idea pretty pretty cool app super fun if you like it uh it's not possible to log in Via Spotify or apple music to this app um if also like a lot of people asking like if you want to add your song which is not in the library of Touchstone so you can do that but just reach out to their support but probably it's just it's actually pretty complicated so it will just take a lot of time you can see our credit balance uh whatever so yeah that's basically the idea anyways I hope I would be able to to see to like walk you through this app in the location where it works uh but yeah try it out definitely cool app

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