TouchTunes can't check in to jukebox what you can do?

hello everyone so here's TouchTunes app and what you can do some of the examples if you just can't check into the Jukebox um so if you can unable to locate the Jukebox make sure that if the Jukebox listed as unavailable please notify that when you start the Jukebox is currently offline now nearby jukeboxes showing up you may have moved since you have wireless on the map screen pull down on the list jukeboxes to refresh it doing so we'll Force the app to update your position and solve the closest Value around where you are right now are you using the most recent update from app store Google Play Store so try that it's just one jukebox missing from the list contacts through the TouchTunes app username and address of the Venus that we can check under the hood and see what's wrong uh want to use the Jukebox far away so you can go to my locations app and see the locations where you checked in before and even if you're like hundreds kilometers away you can still use that jukebox remotely uh jukeboxes you have not checked in previously will not available for remote play so yeah like like this TouchTunes app is only available in US Canada UK If you're outside of these countries it won't be possible to to use it unless you used it before and then in my location step here you will be able to see previous jukeboxes so there you have it that's basically the idea uh hope that is helpful

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