Traderie app - how to create an account?

so here is interesting app which is called tradery so let's just install it see how that works i think sometimes it enters the top charts in social networking category in us i think right now it's like number 215 app in the us app store on social networking so here you can tread adopt me royal high rocket league high pixel and more and then you can just browse this interesting items from your favorite games and then you can just make these offers on items and connect with other players you can enjoy these giveaways notifications so basically it's like you know it's like a game in mata wars app where you like playing some game you you collected some items there and like some swords or like some shield like some other artifacts and then you just want to buy them somewhere so this is the app where you can just check it out so kind of like ebay for like gaming artifacts so here for example you see the app it's just like the design is very simple and then you just go to the uh yeah to the specific game so either adopt me murder mr murder mystery royal high and then yep for some reason it doesn't really a lot so let's just try to open it up again finally it loaded and then for example here i can just see all the items i can just search for them i can see today hot items like get selling you know neon two weeks neon cad and then you just need to sign up to view contact details and make offers on this item so also yeah you can just search for items here so that's basically how it works and then you just need to log in so that's basically let's create an account you can sign up with discord you can sign up with google or apple so yeah uh there is some issue with notifications i understand that and now i have my account here but i must say that the app is just a bit buggy i need to restart it so yeah to restart it you can just swipe up so for example here i can just again swipe up okay and then yep then i just go to this section and there it is so that's my account i can link twitter link discord add a roblox username and then i also have some chat so that's basically

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