Traderie notifications issues

here is three degree app um so basically there are some issues with notifications here um if you go to settings you won't be able to to change them but then you can also go to help and legal uh you can just also submit some feedback uh you can go to their discord here and ask like what the issue is uh notifications is because i read some reviews from this app and like one of the top like bugs here is just there are some like notification problems you can also just go here to the settings and then you can enable follower notifications uh and then you can see app push notifications um so there are some issues there so as always you can just go to tradery app in the settings app and from there you should be able to edit your to edit your notifications so yeah something like that so or you can just scroll down from here and then just find the app here and then notifications just enable them like this so make sure that this is enabled and probably after that the issue should go away

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