TREASURE.LOL NFT marketplace overview $MAGIC

hello so here is an overview of treasure marketplace and yup so this is the nft which is built on the around magic token so here you can see go to their twitter trash your dao and then you can just read more this metaverse revolves around the dance between two resources magic and treasures treasures are magical items that can produce new resources like mini factories but only when enough magic tokens have been staked and magic bars and treasures so then you can just connect wallet and then yeah just connect your metamask then you need to switch network to our beat room because uh yeah usually you're in interior mind map so then you just add it here and there you have it so now you're on rpg room you can also purchase magic so yep something like that so that's the idea and then uh you can just search different collections here you can see like a floor plot price total listing volume and then you can just get some here so you can see you need price and then you can just add purchase if you want so that's that's about it then you can go through inventory collect listed sold yep so that's a trend in nft here and these are all 20 collections so i think you just need to go in this rabbit hole of treasure nft and this dual resource model is a foundation for treasure metawars so [Music] and then you also have designed the economy to function as its own games from the treasure website will be an interactive game where users can actually explore the matters and accumulate treasures magic and legends through adventures treasures largest region is this like blockchain's metaverse will have bridges between them and the metaphors it bridges will be resources um so that's the idea that's just a treasure nft marketplace overview hope that is helpful

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