TRIBE: College life - app preview

here is interesting app called tribe college life school specific social media so let's just install that and see how it works uh how to create an account there are a bunch of apps in this category uh people just want to you know sometimes to join communities specifically for their schools and colleges and they don't want to anyone else be there so you just have your classmates and you want to discuss some stuff happening around your college make friends but everything is just focused uh around your college so it's very like community education driven social media yeah okay so something is not tribe connects you to your college like never before it's an exclusive private social media just for a college university we don't do any of the weird stuff that our social media platforms do we don't sell your data we don't bombard you with ads you're not filtering your newsfeed to promote someone's agenda whatever has happened at your school that's what's happening in the app tribe is about you your other college friends and what's happening on and around your campus we have kept all the stuff that you love about social media and dished everything else so so something is happening i can't really install it i don't know size is 79 megabytes but some people right i really like this app because you're able to post anonymously and connect with people and your classmates on entirely other level you can also search for students at your school buzzer sports fraternity clubs and even your classes is great for me because i'm a little awkward and it's easier to talk into to my classmates on there sometimes so a lot of people like this anonymity aspect and then there is another app which is called fees what's fizzing so it's another app in this category so you can try also that so yep uh anyways uh that's the app i don't know there are some bugs or something with the app and yeah i can't install it so but yeah if you're using it it's not in top charts right now or anything just it's being recommended interesting to know if you are using it or no like do you like it or what are requirements to create an account and stuff like that

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